Jarrah Greena

About Jarrah Greena

The Greena Jarrah bamboo floor brings out the distinctive red-brown tones of Australian Jarrah timber and merges it with the durability and elegance of bamboo. As part of the Greena Bamboo flooring range, the Greena Jarrah floor is strandwoven, finished with 10 layers of UV-protected coating, and comes with the patented Valinge click-lock system.

Greena Jarrah Product Details

Size: 1850 × 125 × 14mm
Box: 6
Warranty: 25 Years
Range: Greena
Finish: Semi Gloss, Matte
System: Valinge click-lock
Brand: Everfloor

About Greena

EverFloor’s Greena Bamboo range is a quality range of strandwoven bamboo flooring constructed from the finest bamboo available. They come with 10 layers of scratch-resistant coatings, UV protection and a patented click-lock system. Greena Bamboo floors are designed look beautiful for a lifetime and come with an extended 25 year structural warranty. Furthermore, Greena Bamboo floors are manufactured under the most stringent global health and environmental standards, achieiving a VOC emissions rating of E0.

Greena Category FAQs

Everfloor’s Greena Bamboo flooring is an environmentally friendly floor covering designed to last a lifetime. It features 10 scratch-resistant coatings with added UV protection and an extremely strong core through an incredibly strict manufacturing process. It surpasses the most stringent health and environmental standards, achieving the world’s lowest VOC emissions rating of E0.

Regularly clean the floor with a dust mop, soft bristled broom, or soft bristled vacuum cleaner. A dry mop is preferable to a traditional wet mop. This ensures that you’re not inadvertently adding water to the floor, which can damage the floor. Do not use wax, oil, soap, or any harsh abrasive cleaners. Furniture and area rugs should be regularly rearranged to ensure even aging of the flooring.

To make bamboo flooring, the bamboo is cut down and shredded into fiber strands. The strands are woven together and compressed under extreme pressure. The result is a solid block of strand woven bamboo which is then shaped into planks. Several lacquer layers are applied to protect the surface, and then the planks are equipped with a tongue-and-grove or click installation system.

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