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Flooring underlay is an essential ingredient when achieving the ultimate comfort at home. Choosing the right underlay means considering comfort underfoot and the amount of noise reduction required. Furthermore, underlay enhances the longevity of your floorboards by distributing the weight of footfall and furniture. Explore our premium range of underlay to suit all your flooring needs.

Flooring underlay is a layer of material placed between the subfloor and the finished flooring surface. It serves several purposes, including providing cushioning and support, reducing noise transmission, evening out minor subfloor imperfections, and acting as a moisture barrier. Underlay is necessary to enhance the performance, durability, and comfort of various types of flooring installations.

Choosing the right underlay depends on factors such as the type of flooring you’re installing, the subfloor material, the level of moisture resistance required, and any specific performance requirements. Consider factors such as thickness, density, sound insulation properties, and moisture resistance when selecting underlay. Consulting with flooring professionals or following manufacturer recommendations can help you choose the most suitable underlay for your project.

Yes, underlay is definitely required for laminate flooring installations. Underlay helps to provide cushioning underfoot, reduce noise transmission, and smooth out minor subfloor imperfections. Additionally, some underlay products offer moisture protection, which is essential for laminate flooring installations, particularly in areas prone to moisture, such as basements or concrete subfloors.

In most cases, it’s not recommended to install underlay over existing flooring, as this can compromise the stability and performance of the new flooring installation. It’s best to remove the existing flooring material and install the underlay directly on the subfloor for optimal results. However, some specific underlay products may be suitable for installation over certain types of existing flooring, so it’s essential to check manufacturer recommendations.

The installation process for flooring underlay varies depending on the type of underlay and the specific flooring material being installed. In general, underlay is rolled out over the subfloor with the seams overlapping and secured in place with adhesive, tape, or staples. It’s essential to follow manufacturer instructions and guidelines for proper installation techniques. Additionally, ensure the underlay is installed smoothly and securely to avoid wrinkles or gaps that could affect the finished flooring surface.

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EverQuiet Foam

EverQuiet Foam allows you to achieve a luxurious hard flooring experience without paying an unreasonable price. Made from expanded and cross linked polyethylene, the durable foam underlay both reduces noise transmission and enhances comfort underfoot. EverQuiet Foam underlay comes with a pre-attached moisture-barrier for extra protection from environmental moisture.

EverQuiet Rubber

EverQuiet Rubber underlay is a step up from your typical foam. They offer your flooring enhanced acoustic noise reduction, and are specified to meet the most stringent multi-residential and commercial demands.

Rubber underlay lasts significantly longer than foam as they don’t flatten over time. Choose the premium underlay option with EverQuiet Rubber.

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