Godfrey Hirst Carpet Reviews & Comparisons

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Godfrey Hirst Carpet Reviews & Comparisons

One of my favourite Australian carpet companies is the Godfrey Hirst brand because they offer a diverse line of luxurious carpets that are well suited for business and residential settings. Godfrey Hirst Carpet Reviews & Comparisons will cover the pros and cons of our top 5 selling carpets from their ranges. This will allow you to be more informed have confidence when choosing the dream carpet for your home.

Godfrey Hirst was founded in 1865 and acquired by Mohawk Industries in 2018, the largest global flooring manufacturer. With a great line of eco+ triexta, wool and solution dyed nylon, there’s something available for everyone regardless of their budget or lifestyle.

Top 5 Godfrey Hirst Carpet Pros & Cons

Despite their long line of high quality carpet choices, I’ve chosen our five extremely popular Godfrey Hirst products to help give you a sense of why they are loved by homeowners like yourself, from a carpet expert. While each carpet has a couple of disadvantages, the pros far outweigh the cons for each one of these marvellous carpets.

1) Mystic Charm II Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet Reviews

The first carpet I feel compelled to show off is the Mystic Charm II, a very homey and relaxing solution dyed nylon carpet. Its soft yet muted colours give off a warmth and familiarity that I find very inviting, and its durability is definitely something to take into consideration. Nylon is a tough material that is also very soft, often considered the premium synthetic fibre.

If you wish to learn more about nylon carpet options and a deep dive into their pros, cons, costs and more, check out our complete guide to buying nylon carpets!

Advantages of Mystic Charm II

  1. Highly Durable – With a rating of 5 Stars on the Residential Extra Heavy Duty scale, this is a phenomenal carpet for places in your home with a lot of foot traffic.
  2. Crush Resistance – Thanks to its more uniform 1/8th carpet gauge, the reduced spacing between the yarns results in a more stable form and look, even after years of use.
  3. Fire Rated Carpet – The Mystic Charm II is so durable that it handles a fire better than your standard carpet. Thanks to superior carpet underlay and carpet installation, this is a great choice to help reduce the odds of a fire growing and spreading, should one ever start.
  4. Great Stain Resistance – Like any high quality solution dyed nylon carpet, Mystic Charm II offers not only good fade or wear resistance but excellent stain resistance as well. Coffee stains are no match for this quality carpet.

Disadvantages of Mystic Charm II

  1. Thinner Roll Width – At 3.66m, this may not be the best carpet to choose for a larger installation.
  2. Prone to Fraying – Like many cut pile twist carpets, the Mystic Charm II can be affected by yarn fraying after a few years despite having a 5 star heavy residential rating.

Mystic Charm II on floor.

2) Classic City Polyester Carpet Reviews

If you are looking for a budget option amongst Godfrey Hirst carpets, I recommend the Classic City polyester range. I enjoy this carpet so much because it manages to be one of the most comfortable carpets I’ve ever seen in its price range. Many people think you have to break the bank to get a carpet that’s soft to the touch, so I enjoy knowing that Classic City is an exception to that rule. Polyester is one of the more affordable yet soft fibres.

Check out our ultimate guide to buying polyester carpets if you wish to learn more about affordable options like Classic City!

Advantages of Classic City

  1. Highly Affordable – This is one of Godfrey Hirst’s bestselling units, thanks to its very budget-friendly pricing.
  2. Great Colour Choices – While Classic City is available in several shades of grey, I adore the hazelnut and the bright bolero options the most. They can easily make your carpeting look more unique and luxurious.
  3. Simple to Clean and Maintain – Because it is made of polyester, Classic City is exceptionally easy and quick to clean. No need for complex chemicals – all it needs is soap, water and the weekly vacuuming.
  4. Very Soft and Comfortable – As far as synthetic fibres go, polyester is perhaps the softest. Classic City is already comfortable even by polyester standards, making this the carpet to get if you want comfort and affordability, a rare combination indeed.

Disadvantages of Classic City

  1. Not Very Durable – It is prone to fraying, doesn’t have the best crush resistance and isn’t great for high traffic. Make sure the classic city carpet is installed in residential areas with low traffic only.
  2. Bad with Oily Stains – Polyester is not as good when it comes to oil-based spills and stains, which is another reason why this should be installed far away from a kitchen.

Classic City Polyester Carpet by Godfrey Hirst

3) Eco+ Inspirational Triexta Carpet Reviews

While polyester is not known for being great for the environment, let’s help balance that out by looking at Godfrey Hirst’ bestselling triexta carpet, the Inspirational. I enjoy it for how many built-in features it has, but it also has a soft feel to it which some still think is impossible for triexta to achieve.

Triexta fibres are just as durable as nylon and offer superior stain resistance to even solution dyed carpets. Also known as “Smart strand“, triexta carpet is expected to become very popular in the coming years.

To learn more about the drawbacks of triexta, check out our complete guide to triexta carpets, or explore the advantages and disadvantages of our top-selling triexta carpet ranges which homeowners absolutely love.

Advantages of Eco+ Inspirational Triexta

  1. Very Environmentally Friendly – Inspirational is 37% made up of plant-based materials, making it far more sustainable than most other carpets.
  2. Stain Resistant & Pet friendly – Because of the built-in stain resistance, bouncier fibre structure and simple to clean style, Inspirational is great for homes with many active pets, including dogs prone to shedding.
  3. 25 Year Warranty – Because triexta is still a new and experimental carpet fibre, Godfrey Hirst have generally included a whopping 25 year warranty. Any major failure in carpet performance will be covered for you for up to a quarter century.
  4. 30 Colour choices – Sticking true to its name, this carpet has so many colour options to pick from that its impossible to not feel inspired.

Disadvantages of Eco+ Inspirational Triexta

  1. Uncertain Longevity – As touched upon with the long warranty, all triexta products are a little uncertain because it’s such a new material. Though many people are optimistic, no one knows for sure how badly Triexta will degrade after 20-30 years.
  2. Harder To Vacuum – While it is easy to clean with water, triexta fibres are known to be a little tough with vacuum cleaners due to their long fibres and consistency.

Inspirational Triexta Carpet in Bedroom

4) Eco+ Velvet Appeal Triexta Carpet Reviews

I want to talk about another triexta carpet since this is still a new and exciting material with lots of long-term potential. The Velvet Appeal has more of a priority on luxury and softness, keeping in line with Godfrey Hirst’s main M.O. Velvet appeal is much thicker than Inspirational, which gives it even more softness and comfort underfoot.

Advantages of Velvet Appeal

  1. Incredibly Soft – I know I said Inspirational was soft for the price, but this is an entirely different level. With extra filaments per fibre and even less space in-between each loop, this is easily one of the thickest, densest, and softest carpets I’ve ever laid hands upon, and our customers all agree.
  2. Stain Resistant – All triexta carpets will share the benefit of stain resistance which other synthetic fibres cannot compete against. This makes life easier when cleaning and maintaining your new carpet.
  3. Environmentally Friendly – Largely made up of plant-based materials, Velvet Appeal is a great buy for anyone who is environmentally conscious.
  4. Extremely durable – Rated 6 stars on the Residential Extra Heavy Duty scale, this is a fantastic carpet not only for bedrooms but hallways as well.

Disadvantages of Velvet Appeal

  1. Very Expensive – This is undeniably a premium carpet, so while it has fantastic comfort and aesthetics, you do have to shell out a lot for it.
  2. Triexta is New – As mentioned earlier, triexta carpets have an uncertain future as they’ve only been on the market since 2009.

Eco+ Velvet Appeal Carpet in Bedroom

5) Carramar 4M Hycraft Wool Carpet Reviews

Last on today’s list of Godfrey Hirst carpets is the Carramar 4M Hycraft, a carpet with very unique looks thanks to its wool material and level loop design. This is my favourite wool carpet from Godfrey Hirst because the wool is sourced from New Zealand, home to some of the most premium wool carpet options around the world.

Looking to discover more about wool carpets like Carramar? Look no further than our ultimate guide to choosing wool carpet that covers all the ins and outs.

Advantages of Carramar Hycraft

  1. Fire Rated Carpet – Wool carpet is a natural flame-retardant, making this a fantastic option to reduce the risks fire hazard situations. This also makes Carramar wool carpet suitable for many commercial settings.
  2. Wide Roll Width – At 4.00m wide, Carramar is perfect for longer and larger carpet installation jobs, especially living rooms and open dining areas because you won’t need as many unsightly joins between carpet rolls.
  3. Footprints Will Not Remain – Thanks to the level loop pile, not only is Carramar great for high-traffic areas but it will not have imprinted footprints either.
  4. Hypoallergenic – With its natural humidity regulating capabilities, people with sensitive allergies will feel more at ease during summer and winter.
  5. Natural Insulating Properties – Wool is excellent for retaining heat, making this a great choice to feel warm and cosier during colder nights.

Disadvantages of Carramar Hycraft

  1. Expensive – While it’s not super pricey, wool carpets in general are not budget-friendly options. However, Carramar is on the slightly more affordable side when compared to other wool options.
  2. Moisture Absorbent – Any spills not quickly cleaned up or dried can be absorbed, which is bad for anyone trying to avoid mould or mildew, especially in basements.

Hycraft Carpet from Godfrey Hirst

Conclusion – Are Godfrey Hirst Carpets Any Good?

Sure, many of their carpets are more expensive and premium than others, but there’s no denying the quality that so many of these carpet options possess. Godfrey Hirst makes some of the finest Australian carpets I’ve seen, whether it be excellent stain resistance and durability, fantastic colour options or unparalleled softness. Their best-sellers are all reliable options, including a few affordable polyester options for people working on tighter budgets.

If you have any lingering questions about Godfrey Hirst, balancing the budget, how to find that premium feel or anything about carpet installation and renovation, contact us at FloorVenue anytime for free consultation. We’ll help you find the perfect quality carpet no matter your budget or lifestyle.

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