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You deserve a beautiful floor in your home. The Swish French Oak Natura is intricately crafted using one of the most luxurious hardwood species in the world. French Oak comes with high levels of tannin– and that means it will age beautifully, gaining character as it does so. This makes our Swish French Oak Natura perfect for your home because it offers you a classic time-worn look that will only make your floor more beautiful with time. Furthermore, the Swish Oak Natura Flooring range provides all of the benefits that come with engineered boards while also being structurally superior to solid oak floors. This is because these boards resist expansion and contraction from changes in humidity and temperature, which means they are more durable and stable than traditional oak flooring.

Swish French Oak Natura Oak Timber Flooring FAQs

Our Swish French Oak Natura engineered timber flooring will bring a sophisticated, warm and inviting feel to your environment. It is specially designed with multidirectional constructed engineered boards for greater dimensional stability. It increases the board’s resistance to expansion and contraction to minimise the risk of warping and cupping. We also uniquely make our boards 190mm wide to create the impression of a more spacious interior

As engineered timber floors are not waterproof, the use of excess water to clean them is not recommended, planks may get water damaged as they absorb the water. Dry methods such as vacuuming and sweeping are very effective. We also recommend the use of natural solutions, as they can be just as affective without any potential of long term health risks. For example, vinegar is a great way to clean toilet bowls instead of bleach. In order to maintain your floors, doormats are a great investment, preventing extra dirt buildup which have potential to create micro-scratches in your floor.

Engineered oak timber flooring is constructed from a veneer of real oak wood fused to a plywood base. This offers the authentic oak timber flooring which is virtually indistinguishable from solid timber, except it has greater dimensional stability against moisture ingress and is even more affordable as they use less real timber material. The biggest benefit of engineered timber flooring is the method of installation – these are all floating floors which require no glue or nails.

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