Ultimate Guide To Sliding Door Plantation Shutters

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Ultimate Guide To Sliding Door Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are ragingly trendy. If you are here, the chances are you are looking to put new plantation shutters on your sliding doors. Can plantation shutters be installed on sliding doors? Yes definitely! However, sliding doors are more difficult to manufacture and install than normal window shutters.

FloorVenue’s ultimate guide to sliding door shutters will make you an expert! We will cover:

  1. What are sliding plantation shutters?
  2. Types of Glass Door Shutters: Bi fold Shutters vs Sliding Shutters.
  3. How much will it cost to let the professionals at FloorVenue supply and install your shutters?
  4. Should you DIY install plantation shutters on sliding doors?
  5. Conclusion – Where & How To Get Plantation Shutters? (Spoiler: FloorVenue will do them for you!)

What is a Sliding Door Plantation Shutter?

Plantation shutters are sleek, stylish and modern-looking window or door coverings. They are popular for more than just great looks – shutters help control natural light, offer great privacy, and are easy to clean and maintain.

Plantation shutters for sliding doors add a clever spin where you can open or close them sideways from a roller track on the floor or ceiling. This allows the plantation shutter to function as a sliding door covering! Plantation shutters are a great choice for glass doors and windows, giving you access to a consistent design throughout your home.

Benefits of plantation shutters include:

  1. Control Light Entering Living Spaces & Offer Privacy
  2. Reduces Traffic Noise Entering The Property
  3. Low Maintenance & Durable
  4. Insulate Temperature & Save Energy Bills
  5. Looks Amazing & Practical Solution
  6. Modernise the look of your home
  7. Suitable for windows, bay windows & sliding doors

Plantation shutters for larger sliding doors tend to come in a bi fold format whereby the panels fold into one another. These are different to normal sliding plantation shutters and will be explained in depth in the next section.

Types Of Sliding Glass Doors – Bi Fold vs Sliding Shutters

When it comes to plantation shutters for sliding doorways, the choice between bi-fold and normal sliding shutters often depends on the specific characteristics of the doorway and your preferences. Here’s a comparison between bi-fold and normal sliding shutters for doorways:

Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters for Doorways:

  1. Flexibility: Bi-fold shutters offer flexibility in controlling light and privacy, and they can be folded back to fully open the doorway when desired. They can be opened sideways or by rotating the louvres.
  2. Aesthetics: Bi-fold shutters can add a touch of elegance to doorways, providing a classic and timeless appearance. Some people prefer the look of normal sliding plantation shutters.
  3. Space Requirements: Consider the space around the doorway. Bi-fold shutters require additional space for the panels to fold, so make sure there’s enough clearance. The benefit is they allow you to open to door wider by folding in on itself.
  4. Operability: Bi-fold shutters are generally easy to operate and can be a practical choice for larger doorways. They are lighter as we often split them into two parts rather than one single heavy piece.

Normal Sliding Plantation Shutters for Sliding Doors:

  1. Space Efficiency: Sliding shutters are more space-efficient as they move horizontally along a track, eliminating the need for extra space for folding panels. However, they cannot fold in upon themselves like bi fold plantation shutters.
  2. Contemporary Look: Sliding shutters can provide a modern and clean look, which may be suitable for contemporary door designs. These are arguably better looking when compared with bi fold alternatives when opened.
  3. Ease of Operation: Sliding shutters are easy to operate and can be a practical choice for doorways, especially if space is limited.
  4. Durability: Sliding shutters can be more durable over time, as they have a straightforward sliding mechanism without the folding joints that might wear out over time.

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What Is The Cost Of Installing Sliding Plantation Shutters

The cost of sliding door shutters can vary based on several factors, including the material, size, design, and where you purchase them. Sliding door plantation shutters will always cost more than ordinary windows. Additionally, installation costs may also contribute to the overall expense. Here are some general shutter prices in Sydney & NSW:

PVC Sliding Plantation Shutter Prices

PVC shutters are the most popular choice when it comes to choosing a shutter material. They are waterproof, durable and beautiful.

  1. Standard Windows Plantation Shutters: You can expect to pay $300 – $350 per square metre to have PVC shutters supplied and installed on windows.
  2. Sliding Doors Plantation Shutters: Shutters with tracks will cost around $450 – $600 per square metre as they tend to require additional labour and higher-skilled workmanship.

Real Timber Sliding Plantation Shutter Prices

Wooden shutters tend to be more expensive compared to other materials. Hardwood options such as oak or cherry are often pricier than softwoods like pine.

  1. Standard Windows Plantation Shutters: Typically installed at a similar price to PVC options; $300 – $400 per square metre for material and fitting.
  2. Sliding Doors Plantation Shutters: These are a little more expensive by the square metre since they are harder to get right. You can expect to pay around $500 – $700 per square metre to have timber sliding plantation shutters installed.

Timber plantation shutters.

We have a comprehensive plantation shutter cost guide if you are budgeting! (Super Useful)

There are other materials out there including aluminium and faux wood (fake wood). However, they are less common and usually used in commercial settings or odd jobs. PVC polymer and timber shutters are the two most popular materials in homes.

Should you DIY install plantation shutters?

Window plantation shutters are generally considered DIY-friendly. Whether you should embark on this quest depends on your confidence and experience. Normal plantation shutters are much easier to install compared to sliding door shutters. We have a DIY plantation shutter installation guide.

Plantation shutters for sliding doors are much more difficult to install. This is because plantation shutters for sliding doors require you to install a track along the floor or ceiling which means more alterations! We usually recommend letting the experts install shutters on sliding glass doors.

Furthermore, you will have to watch out for potential hindrances including protruding door handles and how much space you have to ensure the shutters’ louvres can rotate open and close properly. Plantation shutters require careful planning and are costly to replace if damaged during the installation.

Sliding door bottom track

Where To Get Your Plantation Shutters?

Look no further than FloorVenue when shopping for quality plantation shutters. Our plantation shutter experts have years of experience and can install on normal windows, bay windows, corner windows, circular, triangle, doorways, french doors, bi fold plantation shutters and more!

What makes FloorVenue different to other shutter companies?

  1. Australia Made – Our 100% Australian-made shutters are manufactured locally in our warehouse in Sydney. Instead of outsourcing overseas, we control quality by constructing them ourselves.
  2. Express Installation – Manufacturing locally means you only have to wait 2 weeks to have your plantation shutters fully fitted! Our competitors take at least 6 weeks to get them into our country!
  3. UV-Resistant Paint – We don’t cheap out on the paint by only using fade-resistant finishes. That way your shutter louvres won’t yellow or fade when exposed to natural light, unlike cheaper ones.
  4. Fully Warranted – We offer guarantees on our plantation shutters and workmanship because we believe in quality and longevity. Once you choose to work with FloorVenue, we will have your back.

FloorVenue offers free onsite measuring even if you want to DIY install and let us manufacture the custom-size plantation shutters for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a quote or advice regarding plantation shutters for your sliding glass doors.

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